Improved Social Skills & Emotional Intelligence
We train our young practitioners to develop skills that will help them in their surroundings and community in the present and future. For example: Ability to adapt, modify and solve different types of challenges and communicate with others through our training philosophy and curriculum. TactiKids training philosophy can help children be better equipped to overcome a wide range of challenges in throughout childhood into teenage years, ranging from attention and ability to focus on academic or physical tasks, to equipping them to deal with social challenges, including leadership and bullying.
In training, we develop skills like: speed, fast response & reaction time, balance, strength, rhythm, flexibility, ability to follow orders, abilities to train and interact with other kids, and many more…
Safe environment and positive community
TactiKids training philosophy values that it is not jus physical ability or art. Kids will learn that being able to defend yourself, come with the responsibility to try and avoid unnecessary violence, as much as possible. Kids will learn how to be a positive part of the community, developing a sense of humility and respect and balancing it with leadership skills and physical self defense skills.
Developing the ability to modify and adapt to the surrounding environment
Children are exposed to a variety of dangers. In TactiKids classes we teach them Self-defense; how to recognize dangerous situations, assess them, and make a logical decision as to how to handle it. TactiKids Philosophy focuses on developing in the skills he needs to have is the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing fast world. Out training curriculum teaches the child self-control, and it builds their self-confidence and ability to handle conflicts or hostile situations in any age.
Learning self defense and increasing self confidence
TactiKids classed embrace multiple medical disciplines that combine between body and soul/mind. The brain needs the body in order to get good training and to heal. We are leveraging the platform of self defense and martial arts to work on it. “Healthy mind in a Healthy body” will impact the child’s confidence and positive attitude.
Setting a good foundation for the future
We are our foundation. Building the right mental and physical foundation will have a lifetime impact on everything we may encounter also later in life, as adults, especially in stressful or challenging times. No better time to start working on it than today as a kid or teen.


I have trained at many academies around the world, and started training in Tactica San Francisco long ago. Zero egos; no injuries, top notch team, and wonderful curriculum that helped point out my weaknesses, and areas to focus on areas for improvements.  The new Tactica’s location in Santa Clara, opened new classes for kids TactiKids. Thanks to job changes – it is now our full-time dojo. It is a great place for the entire family to learn BJJ and Krav Maga. Highly recommend.. check it out.
Flavio is an amazing BJJ instructor: the way he breaks down complicated techniques is incredible. He is a gifted talented professional that teach young kids teens, adults and professional fighters. Kudos! Great fighter and a great master. 

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