TactiKid & Parent

Unique training program developed by Danny Zelig over decades of  experience training adults, kids and his own kids. In this Self Defense training program, Parent and kid train together. enjoy bonding time while learning important skills. Each parent and kid train one on one, learn and practice Krav Maga and BJJ drills, via active fun classes and drills “disquieted” as games for the young once.

Classed held one on one Parent & Kid, and recommended for kids attending elementary school 

This Family Self Defense program includes workout sessions to learn basic maneuvers (light contact required), and training also focuses on self development, since each parent train his/her own kid. The one-on-one training with a parent allows each kid on focusing on personal challenges such as, learn to focus & follow instructions, improve flexibility, improve fitness… All is held in a competitive safe environment, while developing a joint hobby. Parents and kids are together. 


  • Bonding – Develop Healthy Hobby Together
  • Effective as Parent leads the Training
  • Kids Learns Self Defense via Fun Active Games. 
  • Real-World Defense Skills for Parent and Child
  • Customized per each kid’s needs
  • Physical and Emotional development